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    Default Alienating my husband....anyone else?

    Soooo, it's basically the worst time of year for those of us in the US, as it's the time when sv's are around in abundance. Lately I have been such a mess with my endless worrying, it's like I can never shut it off. I have become sort of a shut in, and never leave the house unless I have to go to the grocery or work. I panic/obsess about my husband being "out in the world" touching bathrooms and door handles. He's pretty good with hygiene, but I still constantly worry he will be careless and catch something and bring it home to the the only place I feel slightly calm and safe. I am constantly reminding him about hand washing, and not touching his face, and using paper towels to open bathroom doors. Stocking him up with 100 different soaps and sanitizers. I'm even annoying myself, but I just can't stop! He loves me, but his patience with this is understandably wearing a little thin. Anyone else out there have these worries/issues? Any tips for coping? I'm struggling. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Alienating my husband....anyone else?

    I have to say your situation is very common to my situation. My wife is a stay at home mom and watches our 1.5 yr old. And our 4 yr old goes to pre school. I've been very fortunate because my wife has OCD regarding germs as well. She isn't as fearful as vomiting but cleans the house very well, promotes hand washing, vitamins, diffusers of essential oils. But she knows which buttons to push when we are fighting or mad at each other and will bring up my anxiety and wish that I would get sick and get over my fear.

    I will also also say I'm a homebody in the winter. Jan/feb/mar are the worst months for me. When April hits I feel a release. It's weird. What's also interesting is I just started therapy again. I've noticed a pattern with myself that when summer hits I usually stop or don't Goto therapy a lot. This is probably not a good thing.

    As as I write you my coworker next to me just got over the SV and has been symptom free since Friday. My other co worker is is gone for the day had the SV last Thursday/Friday and symptom free since then. I had to wash the kitchen and bathroom with bleach 5/1 bleach which is probably not good for my health. I'm nervous right now and depressed and sad. The only thing that helps is talking and this forum.

    I hope uour doing ok and my words can bring some peace tonight.


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    Default Re: Alienating my husband....anyone else?


    Thanks for the reply. It's weird how just talking about it relieves a little of the anxiety. i am JUST like you. I am good pretty much until New Years, and then in Jan/Feb/March I want to hibernate. Once April comes it's such a relief. During the Summer and Fall months I am closer to a "normal" level of hygiene - hand washing before meals and after the restroom/grocery, but nothing like now, where every time i touch anything I feel the urge to wash my hands. I constantly wipe down surfaces in the house, and clean the bathroom. I haven't gone to therapy for years, but clearly I am in need again. I tried to make a doctors appointment for a referral, but cancelled it due to the panic caused by the doctors office waiting area. My husband is also pretty kind about my anxiety, until he's had enough, and then he gets frustrated with me.

    I am sure that with all your good hygiene habits and cleaning that you will be safe from catching your co workers sv's. If the bleach mixture is irritating to you, Clorox sells a Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant in their "Clorox Healthcare" line that is much less harsh, and has a 1 minute kill time for Norovirus and is on the EPA's approved list to kill Norovirus. You have to get it online, as it is not in stores. I get it on Amazon. The great thing is that they sell Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes as well, they don't bleach or damage fabric. I take them everywhere to wipe down surfaces like phones, keyboards, desks etc. The wipes are great for traveling too, and they have a 3 minute kill time listed for Norovirus.

    Thanks again for the reply. Not much longer until Spring.



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