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    Default Does any preventative really work??

    Our church nursery has had a couple kids come down with the SB, it's taken out their whole family.
    For the past year, my girls have been drinking 100% grape juice in the morning as a preventative. As far as I know we haven't been in direct contact with people with the bug, but we've stayed healthy since starting it. I myself take a shot of ACV in the morning and night.
    I guess I'm coming on here hoping that someone has had success keeping it away from their families with these same preventions?!?
    I'm so freaked out my kids are going to get sick, which then would mean I could get sick. I'm stressing out big time.

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    Default Re: Does any preventative really work??

    Oh I feel you! I'm so terrified about the sv*. I can't really help but I heard that oregano oil helps fight the sv* or any GI problems. I haven't tried it myself but I'm really looking forward to try it out. I'm not super sure how you're suppose to ingest though, so maybe if you want do some research on it. The best way to prevent the spread of that horrible bug is to take hygienic precautions. I really hope you and your family don't get sick.



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