So I woke up today with a sore throat, stuffy nose, headache... All the stuff accompanied by the common cold. That's exactly what I called it up to. A cold. But right before work I started to feel a little worse. My stomach was aching so bad and I thought I was just hungry. I took my temp, and it was at 99.8. I instantly fell into a panic attack because my resting body temp is ALWAYS 96.5-97.7. It's always pretty low. So i knew something else was up. Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone to cover for me at work, so I had to go in. I felt pretty fine for most of my shift, but the last couple hours, my stomach was just killing me. All of my bowel movements have been fairly normal, and I wasn't what you would call nauseous. I was just simply uncomfortable. I got home from work around 12:45 am, took some finger capsules, took a sleep aid to help get me through the night. Yet here I am. I can't sleep because NOW, I'm extremely nauseous. I feel like I'm boiling, but my temperature is normal. It's back at the 96/97 mark. Every time I close my eyes I feel like the room is spinning, and my stomach is gurgling like crazy. I cant sleep at all right now and I just need some reassurance that what I have is simply just the influenza virus, and not the sv*. I haven't been that kind of sick in almost 15 years. I'm so afraid of v*. I'd rather die than v*. Anyone, help me. Please. I'm falling into panic mode and this rate, I'll never sleep.
Anyone have any exercises or tricks to help me get through this?