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    Default Not feeling well at all

    So I woke up today with a sore throat, stuffy nose, headache... All the stuff accompanied by the common cold. That's exactly what I chalked it up to. A cold. But right before work I started to feel a little worse. My stomach was aching so bad and I thought I was just hungry. I took my temp, and it was at 99.8. I instantly fell into a panic attack because my resting body temp is ALWAYS 96.5-97.7. It's always pretty low. So i knew something else was up. Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone to cover for me at work, so I had to go in. I felt pretty fine for most of my shift, but the last couple hours, my stomach was just killing me. All of my bowel movements have been fairly normal, and I wasn't what you would call nauseous. I was just simply uncomfortable. I got home from work around 12:45 am, took some ginger capsules, took a sleep aid to help get me through the night. Yet here I am. I can't sleep because NOW, I'm extremely nauseous. I feel like I'm boiling, but my temperature is normal. It's back at the 96/97 mark. Every time I close my eyes I feel like the room is spinning, and my stomach is gurgling like crazy. I cant sleep at all right now and I just need some reassurance that what I have is simply just the influenza virus, and not the sv*. I haven't been that kind of sick in almost 15 years. I'm so afraid of v*. I'd rather die than v*. Anyone, help me. Please. I'm falling into panic mode and this rate, I'll never sleep.
    Anyone have any exercises or tricks to help me get through this?

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    Default Re: Not feeling well at all

    Hi, sorry, just seeing this now. How are you now? The best thing to do is try very hard to keep your anxiety down. That is what is making everything worse. Sounds like you have a bad cold, but sometimes the postnasal drip can make you feel kind of queasy. Just keep reminding yourself that you are okay and that it's all anxiety. Your temp is not very high, even if your normal is low. It's probably just your body helping fight the cold. It's not the sv!! Don't worry about that. Take it easy today if you can!
    "In nothing be anxious....." Phil. 4:6

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    Default Re: Not feeling well at all

    I usually get an upset stomach when I have a cold. It's because of all the mucus draining down your throat (sorry if that was too gross). Anxiety makes the nausea worse, too.

    Just try to relax; take some deep breaths; and maybe drink some peppermint tea, ginger tea, chamomile, or ginger ale.

    I hope you feel better soon.



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