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    Default Is my emetophobia getting worse?


    I need a little advice if at all possible.

    I've been an Emetophobic for around ten years now and haven't been able to eat out for that amount of time, nor will I eat prior to going on a day out - which as you can imagine causes health issues in itself and probably makes me feel much more Nauseaus than if I did eat - but I fear V*ing.

    However, recently it seems that even when I go out for example to town shopping with my other half I get an awful sick feeling when I'm in a busy shop and begin to fear v*ing again.

    Is this still my Emetophobia or am I beginning to develop some kind of social anxiety too - or is it just anxiety getting worse as I'm so worked up about my emetophobia ?

    It's kind of scaring me but people don't really understand when I try to explain to them

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    Default Re: Is my emetophobia getting worse?

    I'm exactly the same way. If I know I have plans to go out during the day I will try not to eat anything but then I start to feel so hungry that that makes me feel n. I think you have to ask yourself if you are anxious about v in the store or in public. I think social anxiety can go hand in hand with emetophobia because we are also afraid of v in front of people and v in public would be way worse than v at home. My phobia has seemed to get a lot worse lately and as I'm writing this im on a 5 hour long car ride with my parents to come back home and i feel really car sick and I'm freaking out. That's why I'm on this site right now, it helps calm me down and keeps me busy. Anyway I hope you feel and it's definitely possible that you could be developing a social phobia, hope this somewhat helps!



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