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    Unhappy OT- need support...loss of a pet

    Hello everyone, I know this is VERY off-topic, but I am going through a rough time and am in need of support (and this is a fantastic forum for online support).

    This weekend, I made the difficult decision to have my beloved cat put to sleep. She is 19 years old, and I have had her since I was seven years old. She's been around through EVERYTHING for me- school, sports, college, etc. She has lived with my parents since I went off to college (since she loves their house so much), but she is still very much "my" cat. I have two younger cats that DO live with my fiance and I, but she is definitely #1 in my life.

    Today is the day- my parents are taking her in about two hours from now. I am so upset- I haven't stopped crying since Saturday. I've hidden myself away in a back office at work since I don't want my co-workers to see me crying. I am also worried that the stress from this will trigger my emet to come back...my anxiety has been pretty manageable, but I have noticed that my anxiety works that way- it is not chronic, but triggered by a specific incident.

    Again, sorry for the OT post. I could just really use some support since I haven't gotten around to telling my friends yet...

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    Default Re: OT- need support...loss of a pet

    Oh, no, I'm so sorry. I know what you are going through: we had to put our cat to sleep last year (one year ago this month) - he was 14 years old and had been with us since I was 10. To the days leading up to it I cried every time I looked at him. He would look at me back, sigh a little, and start purring. When I finally stopped crying, he stopped purring and spaced out again. (He wasn't quite himself for the last few months before we put him to sleep. I think he knew it was time. He was old after all.)

    I know this doesn't take away the pain, but she had a good and long life. You care a lot for her and I'm sure she knew that. I understand your worry about your anxiety getting worse though. I can't really offer any consolation in that regard. I'm sorry, I'm probably not helping at all. I just want you to know that I feel your pain and I hope you'll get through it. Cats are wonderful pets and when they've been around for that long it's like loosing a family member.
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    Default Re: OT- need support...loss of a pet

    I lost my first husky to cancer in 2013, it was pretty sudden. then last month I had my old dog put to sleep. It is hard! just remember the good times. cry if you want to. Also opening your home to another pet is great if you are able

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    Default Re: OT- need support...loss of a pet

    Oh Hi Kitbuddy! I just commented how I loved your kitty picture. SOO sorry. Your story sounds a lot like mine and my daughter's. Hubby and I got a kitten when I was pregnant with our daughter and they really grew up together. Libby was kind of our first "baby" and we loved her. Well, she lived until 17 1/2 and passed away on New Year's Eve 2014...and we were on vacation!! I felt sooo bad that we weren't there for her. Our friends who were caring for all our cats found her. My daughter was crushed for a while. But we all have such great memories of her and have since gotten another cat, we now have 3! Please take care and take the time to grieve for your kitty... don't worry about what others think. She was your family for sure! And when you are ready, your kitty would love to know that you helped another cat find a forever home. HUGS!!
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