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    Default Paranoid after eating arugula 😩

    So I work in a restaurant and have quite a few ingredients at my fingertips

    Today, I decided to be healthy and made an arugula salad. Of course after eating it, my mind is racing about how it's not cooked food. I recently had a couple emploeyees ill over a week ago and i recall them both eating some arugula a few days prior. We of course have gone thru a bag or two of arugula since then and i even washed the arugula i ate.

    Can anyone provide some reassurance? Does anyone here consume salads often? This is what i get for trying to be healthy 🤦*♂️

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    Default Re: Paranoid after eating arugula 😩

    I can tell you that I'm a vegetarian, consume salads often (always wash my produce), and have never been sick from a salad. Ever. In 26 years.



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