Hi all, I'm new to IES so I may be doing this all wrong. BUT-
I'm only 15, and have always been slightly emetophobic (in the sense that I've gotten scared when people around me have gotten sick) but just recently my emetophobia has reached an entirely new level. Over the past few weeks getting sick is all I can think about, and it bothers me the most at night- my amount of sleep per night has been reduced to a maximum of 5 hours, and on nights like tonight, I am unable to sleep at all. At night I become aware of any possible symptoms I may have which could possibly lead to getting sick and obsess over the last time I was sick, trying to match up symptoms and determine whether I will be sick or not. I am so terrified of getting sick that I would probably rather break a limb, and anything that might suggest the possibility will keep me up for hours. I need some way to know if I am going to be sick, or I'm never going to be able to sleep. I've tried meditation and reading books and thinking of a peaceful place but nothing seems to distract me from my obsession over whether I will be sick or not. Please help, I really would love to be able to get some sleep before I graduate.