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    Question IBS flare-up at work

    Hi everyone, I am experiencing what I think is an IBS-type of flare-up at work right now.

    I've had a gurgly/rumbly stomach for a few hours- no n*, in fact, I could probably eat lunch soon.

    However, I've had sudden urges to go to the bathroom, and I went a few times and it was not d*, but very smelly (sorry, TMI). I've also got some bloating/gas that's kind of burning in my lower abdomen/intestines area.

    I think it's from anxiety- I've been nervous about some stuff at work, I'm exploring part-time graduate school programs, and I'm getting married next month. I have a lot going on. I'm more worried about embarrassing myself than anything else.

    What do you guys do when you have a flare-up of any kind at your office?

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    Default Re: IBS flare-up at work

    I hate when that happens when I'm not at home-especially at work! But atleast there are bathrooms nearby. If it happens to me then I usually just take some Imodium and sip on water and it'll eventually go away. Hope you're feeling better!



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