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    Default Question about disney world and emetophobia

    Hello! This is a bit off topic but kind of relevant I guess. I'm going to Disney World this Saturday and I am SUPER excited. I'm going with my boyfriend who has never been there before. I love Disney rides (for the most part) because there aren't many big roller coasters, minus a few. I hate roller coasters almost as much as I hate v* (for me it goes hand in hand, I get nervous that I will v* because of a roller coaster). Anyways, my boyfriend has heard a lot about Space Mountain and of course really wants to go on it. I told him I'd go on it too, but I am very nervous about it and scared it will trigger n*. I've never been on that ride there before. I went on Splash Mountain once (the log flume) and I absolutely hated it and had a panic attack the whole ride. I hate big drops. Do you think it's too risky to go on Space Mountain? I know it's in the dark which is good because I would close my eyes anyway, but it makes me nervous because I have literally no clue what to expect. Has anyone been on this ride before? Are there any big drops? If I don't chicken out, should I take something like dramamine before hand? Any advice would be nice!

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    Default Re: Question about disney world and emetophobia

    Go! Go! Go! Space Mountain is the second most fun thing you can do in the dark.
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    Default Re: Question about disney world and emetophobia

    I have not been on Space Mountain, but my 7-year-old rode it with his dad and his 8 and 9 year old cousins last summer when we were in Disney. He absolutely loved it. I know there is no upside-down, and the height requirement is pretty low--44 inches, I think? So I imagine it can't be too rough of a ride. (I wanted to ride too, but my daughter didn't meet the height requirement so we met princesses instead, LOL!) If it gives you any kind of comfort, I LOVED roller coasters when I was younger and I have ridden some pretty intense ones at various theme parks over the years--Six Flags, Busch Gardens, etc. I have never experienced motion sickness from a roller coaster. Have a great time in Disney!!



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