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    Default Poo smells really different? Also very n and anxious

    I feel quite sick and have all day and for the past few days too and today I was a bit constipated and feeling weird starting around 4ish pm and now it is 2:30ish and I just pood again (everything has been solid) and I feel all hot and n and a bit of stomach pain and I was gassy before and now I poo'd and it smelled really really different, it's really hard to describe but it didn't smell like poo, more like gasoline or weed maybe? Except I've never done weed or any drugs.

    Today I woke up and had a chocolate and raisin pastry on the train to visit my grandma, where we ate cake (I had chocolate brownie and vanilla pudding creme thing) then later sausages and bread and ice cream, then we went to eat dessert with my aunt and uncle and I had a lava cake thing. I was already feeling bad then, but I still went and I didn't get home until 12:30ish.

    Yesterday for dinner I had a HUGE plate of veggies and some tofu along with an asian tasting sauce. I usually eat tons of meat and stuff, could this sudden huge amount of veggies more than 24 hours ago be causing this? It was carrots and snap peas and bell peppers and some kind of leaf and things like that.

    I am also on 'vacation' in germany. It's in quotes because I have been on the move a lot, one week in each new place and now it's the third week. Could it be stress? I was up really late last night too (not jet lag, just me being stubborn and lazy. I was extremely tired but too lazy to get up and brush my teeth, take out my contacts etc so I stayed on my comuter until I woke up from a panic attack at 4am and stayed up for a few hours.

    I migt also be stressing out because I just visited my grandma with my family, which is exactly what we did a few years ago right before we all came down with a stomach bug. She lives in an assisted living community, and there was a literal noro epidemic going through germany at the time, but I'm still freaked out by the place.

    Please help me.
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    Default Re: Poo smells really different? Also very n and anxious

    It is very likely just the amount of veggies you ate. Eating a lot of vegetables can cause major changes in your bowel movements, especially if you don't typically eat vegetables. If your anxious, that could also be causing changes. Anxiety can cause both changes in bm's as well as nausea.

    I think you'll be fine. Try to relax as much as possible - I know, easier said than done. Enjoy your time in Germany



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