I apologize if the posting is excessive. My bad luck is through the roof this year. Anyways, as you know..

I've been suffering pain since Sunday, don't think I was ever nauseous but I felt really sick due to all the pains. Today, my pains were a lot less painful than they were the rest of the week, so even though going to sleep was kind of hard, I managed to fall asleep for a short while.

Unfortunately? I think in my dream, I kept thinking of things that are sour, to which I woke up to a whole lot of saliva just pouring out of my mouth. It stopped when I woke up and spat it out, but still, now my stomach kind of hurts. The feeling I'm having right now is one I've had before, but it makes me nervous. I feel sick and now I don't know what'll happen. My tongue feels kind of dry, my stomach is gurgling, my abdomen hurts a bit.

I want to go back to sleep but I'm scared I'll either wake up drooling or wake up vomiting. I think acknowledging the fact that I was drooling is what made me feel kind of sick, but I'm still really nervous.