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    Default Help! I'm in pain!

    I'm 17 and male. In case that matters. But anyways, I ate a potentially bad salad about 11 days ago. So I guess that means it really wasn't bad. Incubation for E.Coli is 10 days max and it never came within that time. That being said, I'm really scared that THIS might be it.

    Today, I woke up. Slight sharp pains in my stomach but nothing big, I kind of dismissed it.
    I ended up going to the restroom and making a BM. Coming back into my room, I noticed I'm getting them more and more, they feel kind of like cramps! And what's freaking me out! I'm really nervous because I feel like vomiting is going to be inevitable and that it's something I ate or I ingested salmonella or something!

    Right now, though? The pain is pretty much in my lower abdominal region. Like the highest it goes is between my belly button and stomach, it's hitting me around my back and sides right now. It feels more like gas in those areas.

    I'm hoping it's because I haven't made a BM in a couple days. Not a real one anyway. I'm guessing it's due to me taking Zofran almost everyday last week due to constant gas pains and feeling sick. But it hurts and makes me nervous! I don't know why I'm cramping or feeling like I'm cramping! Thankfully, it isn't severely painful but it's enough for me to not ignore it! I'm really scared right now. What do you think?

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    Default Re: Help! I'm in pain!

    Sounds like constipation pain to me,

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    Default Re: Help! I'm in pain!

    Forgot to mention the pain is accompanied by lots of loud gurgling too. But you think so?

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    Default Re: Help! I'm in pain!

    Constipation can make you feel s* (being s* isn't a symptom though- but constipation can make you feel that way) but how was your I get gurgling with stomach pains. Sure your not hungry? Hunger can give me very unpleasant stomach ache and n*. If your bum was hard, or like rock hard stones, you could be constipated, but if it was soft, I wouldn't have thought so.

    Wind can cause pretty bad stomach ache and stomach cramps, try not to worry, I'm sure the worst it could be would be d* and you can actually get constipated d*. And I'm sure your aware, You can also get stomach cramps from anxiety.
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    Default Re: Help! I'm in pain!

    My stomach was growling pretty loud as well so yes, I was hungry. But I also had gurgling beforehand. I ate but shortly after I finished, I felt like I was about to get sick from eating. I didn't though.

    And no, it wasn't hard or anything. It wasn't a soft, loose stool, but it wasn't really hard. Well it kinda felt hard-ish, but also felt somewhat slippery. I know. TMI, so I apologize. But details are crucial lol.

    As of now, I'm not having that crampy feeling, but I am getting some kind of pain in my sides and back. Not all at once but it moves to different spots from time to time. My stomach isn't feeling the best and I have that cold feeling in my throat, which always bothers me, but as far as I know, I'm not really nauseous or anything.

    I mean I'm sure I can still eat and drink and whatnot. My stomach is already starting to kind of growl again. But I also have this weird feeling in my upper abdomen that kind of makes me nervous to try eating as it makes me think I'll throw it up. It's sort of a empty-and-full-at-the-same-time feeling. All in all, I really hope this is all something that'll only affect the bottom half of me and not something that'll result in vomiting.



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