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    Default I've been feeling weird for 3 days.

    Basically as the title goes. I've been feeling strange for about 3 days (today being the third day) and it's making me nervous.

    Now, I've decided to rule out food poisoning as it's been 6 days since I've eaten a (potentially bad) salad that's been left out for a couple hours. My mom has eaten it too (before I did, actually) and she's completely fine as well.

    But anyways, on Sunday, I woke up and stared getting pains in my abdominal region. They weren't unbearable but they were kind of sharp and bothersome, basically gas pains, plus I had a sharp pain in my pelvis, so I decided to go to the restroom and make a BM, it started soft then went kind of loose/watery but it wasn't diarrhea. I made about 4 while in the bathroom and was no longer able to make any for the rest of the day afterwards. Also, later that day, I tried to urinate but it burned and barely came out so I suspected a UTI. The only good part of this day was that I still could get hungry and eat, in which I only ate one meal. But having an appetite usually comforts me in the sense that I think if I'm able to eat then I won't get sick, not to mention, eating brought a bit of relief to the pain for a bit.

    Yesterday, I woke up, no pain for a bit but it ended up coming back soon after waking up. I was able to temporarily get rid of it when I went for a walk, I ended up going to the doctor too and the pain was barely there as I was going. Same with when I left. I only made one that day and it was soft. Urine was still the same way it was the day before. Appetite was the same. I managed to get hungry and was able to eat. By night time, I believe the pain had gone away or at least eased itself.

    Today? I woke up and didn't have pain. It was there throughout the day but barely. So I was relieved because I figured it's going away finally. My urine is also going back to normal. So I was in a good mood for the most part. Until about 3 hours ago. My mom had a doctors appointment and I decided to go just to get out the house. Big mistake. On the way back, it was bad traffic. My mom was getting stressed, and I had to be in the heat for a while. I started getting throbbing in my head along with an increased heart rate with chest pain. I was starting to feel sick (I'm guessing and hoping it was just anxiety) so I chewed half a stick of my mom's gum and while it helped me with feeling sick, the gas pains came back once again. It hits my lower back and left side more then it hits my stomach, but it's also accompanied by my heart rate being faster, throbbing in the upper abdomen, and my head kind of throbbing.

    I should mention that I was chewing gum the night before I woke up on Sunday and gum has led to me having to make loose BMs whenever I chewed it very early, like when I'd chew it in the morning before going to school. At the same time, I was chewing gum yesterday while dealing with this pain and I wasn't in that much pain, it actually relived by the end of the night.

    But now my heart's racing, my head's throbbing, my upper abdomen is a little bit too, and I'm having sharp gas pains in my lower back and sides. I'm very scared that it will lead up to vomiting. Please help!

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    Default Re: I've been feeling weird for 3 days.

    I would go to the doc and check for a UTI, just in case. Speaking from experience, lower back pain might be urinary tract related. The pains in your sides/abdomen could be your bladder as well. Doesn't mean you'll v* (I never have from a UTI), but if it is a UTI it's better to knock it out before it gets bad!

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    Default Re: I've been feeling weird for 3 days.

    That's one of the reasons I went to the doctor, I had to take a urine sample and they said they'd get back to me. As for my pains, they told me it was related to my digestive system being messed up, but I doubt it's true.

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    Default Re: I've been feeling weird for 3 days.

    Hi how are you feeling now? Did you get the results?
    I had a bad UTI and had awful pain in my lower back and sides, turned out it had become a kidney infection!



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