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    Default My stomach keeps gurgling and it worries me.

    As the title says, my stomach won't stop making noises. I ate at a GattiTown 3/4 days ago, I heard the incubation for FP and SV were up to 48 hours max, never got sick with either. Last night, I wasn't feeling too great but managed to fall asleep around 3:30 AM or so after I chewed a gum, I woke up 2 hours later (5:55 AM) with a very dry mouth ( and the gum still in it ) and extreme gurgles. I wasn't nauseated but my stomach was moving and making sounds like nobody's business.

    It soon was accompanied by sharp pains as well. So I was getting nervous. I've felt this way before, but even knowing I didn't get sick from this before, getting familiar feelings doesn't make experiencing them again any better. I ate some crackers (I felt a little bit of hunger through all the gurgling), which didn't do much, but it did have the massive amount of gurgling die down a bit. Still didn't feel so hot though. I ended up going to my mom and sister's room (Yeah yeah, a teenager went to lay down with his mom and sister, don't judge me), I soon fell asleep and woke up a few hours later (11:30 or so). The gurgling was mostly, if not completely, gone and I no longer felt the sharp pains.

    My mom brought us Wendy's, I was still feeling a little bad so I didn't want to eat just yet. I started feeling hungry, but it was a weird kind of hungry feeling, so I decided to take it out the fridge and reheat it. It didn't taste as good reheated, and while I was eating it, I felt my gurgles coming back and some pains so I had to stop eating the burgers, I tried to drink/eat the chocolate ice cream she got me ( they put Frosty's in a cup with a lid ), but I didn't want it after a couple of sips.

    As of now, I still feel the gurgles, mostly between my lower and upper abdomen, but more towards the lower half. There's not a lot, if any, sharp pains present atm. But I did make a soft stool not too long ago. I also have lots of congestion in my throat, which makes it worse as it gives me a really cold feeling there and makes me cough. Should I be worried about vomiting? I'm not nauseated but this gurgling bothers me a lot and it worries me that vomiting will, soon and inevitably, be coming my way.

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    Default Re: My stomach keeps gurgling and it worries me.

    Gurgling is a common sign of digestion. I actually like the gurgling as it lets me know my digestive system is functioning properly. My husband's stomach makes so much noise all the time and he literally never feels sick and can eat whatever he wants. Gurgling is not a sign of impending v. It's simply your digestive system doing its job. Try to relax by distracting yourself from focusing on the gurgling. Watch a movie or play a game, read, or go out with a friend. Sitting around focusing on every noise your stomach makes is just going to increase your anxiety.



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