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    Default A spider web went into my mouth. Will I be OK?

    Basically, I like to take walks at night. Headphones on, music playing, walking at a nice slow pace. A very relaxing activity for me.

    Unfortunately, yet predictable considering the events that have been occurring as of late, a long strand of a spider web that was blowing in the wind, hanging off of a street light, went straight into my face. I felt it hanging on my nose. Being that I touched the bench I have outside when I sat down for a bit, I didn't want to touch my face but I ended up doing it anyway, which is bad enough to me.

    So it was on my face for a minute or so. I got frustrated but kept touching my nose, eventually I managed to get it, when I pulled it off, I felt it come off of my upper lip as well.

    So I'm basically nervous now. I have absolutely no idea if I'll be okay or not. It was on a street light, which usually have a lot of brid crap and lizards and other vomit-inducing germ-carrying animals are on. I might be reaching and overreacting, but the fact that it was on my lip for a minute makes me, even if it's simply a stretch of the imagination, think that the salmonella/e.coli/other vomit-inducing bug/germ had time to multiply while on my lip, I was spitting a lot, but being that my mouth opens a bit, I feel as if the saliva left on my upper lip dripped back into my mouth and now I'm going to get sick.

    I hope I don't sound like that Sadie May girl that was trolling people last year lol. But yeah, I'm really nervous at the moment. Will I be fine?

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    Default Re: A spider web went into my mouth. Will I be OK?

    You'll be okay hahaha I promise!



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