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    Default I've been exposed!!

    I fucking knew it! Everything has been leading up to this moment! I swear on everything, it's like life wanted me to get sick. Potentially dirty things ALWAYS end up touching or going near my mouth, I almost throw up every night due to random subconscious anxiety, I'll eat something that was left out only to find out while/after eating that it CAN make me sick, etc. and now I got exposed to the damn SV!! Why the fuck does this have to happen!? Why do I deserve this!? Why am I alive!?

    I'll try to keep my composure.. so I woke up with a piece of gum in my mouth that I was chewing last night, which ended up giving me a "bubble in the back of my throat" feeling and felt like I was about to vomit congestion about twice today. I gagged and choked, also had stomach pains. But all of that went away upon something even worse happening..

    While this was happening, I was at the store. We finished what we had to get and went to my grandparents' house. Things were great at first. Yeah I still felt sick, but I was getting better and in a decent mood. My grandma made us Tuna sandwiches with potato chips. Being that I still felt a bit sick, not too long after eating, I went to the restroom to make a BM. Coincidentally, I was about to write a post while on the toilet lol when my favorite uncle had come home from work and immediately went knocking on the door.

    He was calmly, but desperately, telling me to be quick because he had to go. I heard my grandma telling me I needed to hurry up too because he's been sick and he's about to have diarrhea. I jumped out, wiped, flushed, and washed my hands briefly. I had no time to wash properly. I opened the door and I tried to walk past him without touching him despite the very small space we were in. I think I was successful but I don't know.

    Upon hearing how he's been sick with a fever, and seeing how he was about to have diarrhea, I've concluded that he has the stomach virus or some type of bug that makes you throw up. I was absolutely shook. Everyone else was calm, composed, doing their own thing, but I was right next to him while he was going to have another bout!

    He wasn't even in the restroom for a long time, so odds are he either had a very brief bout of diarrhea or he didn't wash his hands that long before leaving the restroom. To which my mom went right after he did, with no hesitation or second guessing before doing so.

    When he came out, he grabbed a paper towel from the kitchen to blow his nose, which makes me think "if he was sick, and isn't washing his hands that long, why is he touching things in the kitchen?". My aunt told him there was tuna I made the fridge but he told her he can't eat anything. Being that he loves tuna, this really concerned me.

    Of course I was in the dining room, staying a few feet away. He went back into his room, but came out to tell me to check out his new reptile cage (he breeds iguanas and snakes). It was a mix of the fact that I love seeing the reptiles and that I didn't want to be rude to my uncle that compelled me to go check it out. Of course as I followed behind him, I didn't touch the doors he just opened but I was near him for a minute or two.

    Anyways, after walking out, and going to my grandpa's sowing room across the bathroom, my mom came out and I told her to take me home immediately. Soon as we got outside, I saw my uncle leaving the house, so I'm guessing he was going back to work despite the fact he wasn't dressed at all. Maybe he went to th doctor. I don't know, all I know is he wasn't staying home.

    But aside from that, I'm pretty damn scared honestly. Could the *D particles have flown onto his shirt and could I have breathed them in while they were? What if my grandma and grandpa have been recently exposed but weren't aware of it! My grandma made the tuna herself! Of course I know she hygienic, but still! If you can infect someone a day before symptoms show up, doesn't make you contagious to the touch?

    Even if that isn't the case, chances are he's been touching things with particles on his hands! I know he washes his hands but he likely doesn't wash them for the amount of time that he's supposed to do it for! There could've been viral particsles in the restroom for all I know and I could've been unknowingly covering myself in them!

    I know I never touched my face, not directly with my hands at least, but I'm still scared I've breathed in, or ingested any particles that could've been on nearby surfaces. Especially because I didn't wash my hands thoroughly all the way through to go eat since I wasn't aware AND I likely touched the door knob to open the door after the washing them! Well maybe I left the door open, I don't remember but I'm positive I'm going to get it!

    And the worst part of it is nobody in my family cares! My mom is literally screaming at me for being as scared as I am! She absolutely REFUSES to get me anti-emetics that I wanted so I could prevent *V if I get it!

    I don't know what to do, I honestly want to die rn!!

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    Default Re: I've been exposed!!

    Sambucol (from the health store)

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    Default Re: I've been exposed!!

    I've always heard that drinking Grape juice could prevent you from getting an sv... Hope this helps



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