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    Default I just infected myself.

    I know I did. I'm so scared now. My uncle had been suffering diarrhea and a fever, he could've possibly been vomiting a day or two prior. My phone was on the bathroom counter, and on the couch and table. Place so he's more than likely touched while sick.

    I still haven't cleaned my phone. And I was careless enough to forget where my phone was while I was typing and, because my own body hates me and constantly itches every time my hands were on a contaminated surface, scratched the tip of my nose. And I tried to scratch it again without touching it by scrunching my face, and I felt my upper lip touch my nose. I'm positive I breathed it in. I'm positive I've ingested it. If not the oral route then it was the nasal route.

    What the hell am I going to do!? Why is this happening to me? Why me!? Why! I hate this!!

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    Default Re: I just infected myself.

    Are you ok? You guys all need sambucol, omg



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