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    Default Anyone else almost v* during periods?

    During pms i feel extremly nauseas then during heavy bleeding i feel like im about to v* every month it drives me insane. Any woman have advice? Sometimes ginger/tumbs and herbal teas work. But i wonder if theres anything wlse i can do during the month to prevent the N* any advice would be great :,(

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    Default Re: Anyone else almost v* during periods?

    i would get n* and d* from having such bad cramps on my first 3 days. Heating pad kinda helped. Are you on bc?

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    Default Re: Anyone else almost v* during periods?

    I have this too. I tend to get it at both ends. The pain is sometimes severe and comes on real hard and fast, and then I feel sick and sometimes actually have gotten sick. I did some research and learned that some women release larger quantities of prostoglandins (hormones) faster, and they think this has something to do with the cramping, heavy flow, clotting, nausea, diarhea, etc. Anyway, I used to have to take ibuprofen and codeine to control the pain, but it didn't do much for the sick bit. I started taking naproxen instead, preferrably at the first warning sign. It works differently than ibuprofen or panadol or tylenol and apparently helps slow the release of prostoglandins. I found the naproxen helped. What I do for my period now is start taking naproxen as soon as I know my period is trying to start. Then I keep my ondansetron handy. Usually the naproxen is enough to slow the release of prostoglandins and helps with the pain and I don't even need the ondansetron. As long as the pain isn't severe I don't feel sick. It must be a hormonal thing. I'm not a doc or expert so check with your doctor that it's safe for you, but my go-to is naproxen, ondansetron in an emergency, and hot baths or hot water bottles. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Anyone else almost v* during periods?

    Yes this is me! I've tried so much for it and I hate it so much-I get so scared and upset every time it happens and I can't eat and barely function.



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