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    Exclamation My fiance has a stomach bug and I am terrified

    Hi everyone,

    So my fiance has been feeling a little under the weather for the last 10 days. He had a sore throat, which he thought was from his wisdom teeth. Then he didn't feel very well Monday night when I was staying with him. Tuesday I left him in the morning and I didn't stay with him last night (Tuesday night). This morning he told me he was s* throughout the night. I am terrified that it is contagious and I was obviously with him on the morning of the dreaded day and I had kissed him and shared a bed with him the night before and he had slept in my bed at home the night before that!

    I don't know what to do. I have washed my sheets and some of my clothes. I took a shower and a bath, I've been washing my hands. I have been feeling a tiny bit under the weather the last few days but I put it down to being back from holiday and adjusting to lower temperatures and being back at work. Now I'm terrified it means the same thing is going to happen to me.

    I have some anti-sickness medication just in case... I know that if I do feel bad, I shoudln't use it for therapy purposes, and I should just wait it out and see what happens but I am very scared and I am so hyper vigilant that I keep feeling "stomach" things that I don't even know are real or not. It has now been 36 hours since I've seen my fiance so I'm hoping once I hit the 48 hour mark, I'll be in the clear. But it's bedtime soon and I'm very scared of feeling ill in my sleep, not in time to take the meds, and waking up and it happening without being able to control it.

    I know I could take the medication preventatively but from a therapy perspective, I know I shouldn't.


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    Default Re: My fiance has a stomach bug and I am terrified

    If you're reading this and feel fine then I think you're gonna be fine! Is your fiance emet??

    I hope he feels better, tell him to suck on some peppermint gum as that will help



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