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    Default Helpful Distractions

    What helps distract you guys when you're not feeling well/in pain?

    Sometimes going on my phone isn't enough. I'm feeling quite down in the dumps right now because I'm convinced there is something serious wrong with me and I'd like some input on what you guys do to distract yourself whether you're having IBS pain, feeling ill, or having anxiety due to this phobia.

    Thanks in advance!

    (if there is already a post about this i am sorry, just redirect me to it)

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    Sleeping. Hopefully I wake up feeling better or at least I'm less time concious of my state.
    I don't have any when my fate's been sealed. Pretty much enter a numb state of don't register, don't remember, don't think, wait until death swallows me.

    My main distraction is living delusional on purpose. Makes me forget I have this fobia. It was too tiring to having to know stuff the same time I didn't want to. Having to check everything beforehand, jumping invisible puddles, judging people, etc. For many years I had to force myself to think the best possible outcome. That splatter on the ground.... Must be coffee... Or soup. That cought... Just a sore throat. That wierd splatter in one of the bus' windows... Paint those scholar vandals like throwing. That smell? A dead cat.
    It's really tiring sometimes, but that stops me from going all anxious. Took me years to improve. I try to know the facts, try to be rational and all. I feel the initial wave of anxiety, but don't let it escalate. That wave's strength has decreased with the years.

    That has worked for not being scared of every single sht.

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    Default Re: Helpful Distractions

    Hi blackrabbit,

    Here are just two quick things I do when I am not feeling well:
    - Chew gum or eat a mint
    - Think about clean sheets, clean towels, and big glasses of ice water

    If I think of anything more, I'll let you know. I hope this helps in some way.

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    Default Re: Helpful Distractions

    Hey again,

    I just thought of one more thing that I do when I'm not feeling well:
    - Take a shower

    Sometimes I just hop in the shower and sit down. For a little while, I am just in my own world in the warm comfort of the shower. It gives me time to work through my anxiety and I usually come out feeling much better. In fact, just the other night I woke up around 3 a.m. feeling bloated and anxious. I was afraid to try and sleep so I got up to shower and I felt much better afterwards.



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