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    Default How to calm down?

    Yesterday was my sister's birthday, but we're celebrating it today with family. One of the guests that are coming over is my uncle, who had the stomach virus on august 11th - august 13/14th (No vomiting, just diarrhea).

    Now I know, logically, after getting sick, people are usually only contagious for 3 days, but the maximum can be up to 2 weeks. Its way passed that, so either way, he's no longer shedding the virus.

    I understand that. However, I can't get myself not to overthink. The thought that's running through my mind as of right now is.. "what if he's wearing clothes that had viral particles on them?" "What if he hugs us with those clothes?". I'm becoming a nervous wreck and I hate how I am. But this is really messing me up. I know he probably did wash his clothes after being sick, but the virus could survive the wash and still linger, can't it? I just need some reassurance or advice.

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    Default Re: How to calm down?

    There is no way you'd catch an illness from him that happened a month ago. Even if he was wearing the exact same outfit that he wore during those days, very few viral particles, if any, would be on his clothes, unless he wiped his hands all over his clothes after wiping his bum lol! And even then, he definitely would have washed them since. I think it's pretty hard for anyone to catch noro from clothing, unless someone had actually v* onto the clothing before washing it, and even then I think it would be hard to catch. Think about all of the people your uncle has been in contact with since he was sick. I bet none of them have caught anything from him, especially at this point in time. I know it's super hard to tell your brain to stop being irrational, that's the worst part about this phobia. Have you ever considered maybe talking to a professional about your irrational thoughts? I'm currently in cognitive behavioral therapy, and although I am still severely emet, a lot of the little things that I used to think about that made my phobia so much worse don't cross my mind nearly as much. I've learned to cope with a lot of my anxiety as well. Not saying you have to listen to my advice, I know this phobia effects everyone differently.

    I hope your mind will be at ease soon.

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    Default Re: How to calm down?

    He lives with my grandparents and being that my grandmother has been through a lot, including recovering from breast cancer about a year ago, she told me he would disinfect the restroom every time he had to use it while being sick, he'd even tell her that she may disinfect it again if she feels it's necessary.

    That being said, they never got sick. Neither one of them. And I didn't hug my uncle, we fist bumped, which is good because I didn't touch his clothes, which probably didn't have anything on them anyways, logically speaking. While I got a tiny bit paranoid using the restroom in my house, I was able to calm down completely as I managed to rationalize with myself by telling myself he isn't sick anymore and isn't shedding it.

    And I actually had my first therapy session last Wednesday and will be coming back to it this upcoming Wednesday. I don't believe it'll get rid of my fear, but I don't mind that at all. It's the anxiety I want to get rid of, as I was living rather normally for the past 3 or 4 years, including the beginning of this year, so I'm doing this to go back to my post-anxiety lifestyle.



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