Yesterday, we celebrated my sister's birthday. One of the guests who came over was my uncle, who had the stomach virus about a month ago. The symptoms he had were a light fever, chills, nausea, and diarrhea.

Though he himself isn't shedding the virus, nor is he sick, obviously, as it was a month ago, I did still have paranoia that he wore clothes with the virus lingering on it. Though, logically, there's probably very little, if any, chance of that being true.

But this is my issue as of now. While my mom was about to leave to pick up my sister from school, which was two hours ago, I decided to tag along. She told me not to walk onto campus today (I usually would get off and hang in the front to see my girlfriend when she'd come out) because she had the runs. She even brought a bag incase she couldn't get to a toilet.

That scared the hell out of me. She got mad when I freaked out and swore up and down she doesn't have a virus. She could be right as she isn't appearing sick, nor does she seem miserable at all, plus she told me how she ate ice cream, lemon cake, queso, tea, and lemonade, and now it's affecting her stomach to where she'll have to make a lot of BMs. I'm hoping that's the case.

Well shortly after hearing that, I started feeling bad in my stomach. Mind you, I didn't eat the same things as she did either today or yesterday. But I'm experiencing sharp pains that go to my sides and lower stomach, along with a lot of noise and gurgling. I just ate sonic not too long ago so that could be partially why my stomach is making noises, as when it started, it was just pains. Wasn't until after I ate that my stomach was gurgling and being noisey.

I'm somewhat composed right now. But I'm scared it'll progress into diarrhea and/or vomiting soon. I don't feel any other symptoms aside from what I've described, and my mom doesn't seem to be doing bad at all, so I think we're probably okay. But I'm still nervous about it.