I have been doing a lot of thinking and self exploration. The past few months I have felt n* nearly non stop - one night I did actually v*. In therapy I have not yet found a source of my phobia but for the past few months because of feeling n* nearly 24/7 I have begun being terrified and obsessive of n*. It got me thinking.... would I be afraid of v* if there was no n* involved? I'm still undecided but I think for some of us the fear is worst during the build up before "it" happens (or when fighting it back). If there was a solution to end n* for good do you think it would reduce your anxiety? Do you still think you would be emetophobic? This is just a "what if" situation - but if v* had to still happen and you got a few physical symptoms that it was about to happen with enough warning would it help end the phobia for some of you? Maybe for some it may make it worse? I hope this makes enough since: Just a thought tonight as I'm working through "treatment" for this phobia and trying to pin down what really scares me about v*.

Feel free to type out your thoughts and/or vote. Thanks for your input!