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    Default I know I have it...

    My worst fears have come true. I'm almost positive I've come down with a stomach bug. All the symptoms are there - elevated temperature, chills, n*, mild d*, and stomach cramps and pains. This has been 3 days of pure torture as a long-time sufferer of emetophobia. The only strange thing is I haven't actually v* yet, though I've come close a couple of times. The only reason I know it's a bug is because I had one a few years ago and it felt much like this except with v*. The last time I was s* it was only a 24-hour thing and I v* twice and had d* but felt better by the end of the first day. This time however it has manifested itself differently. My symptoms have only gotten worse with each passing day and I wonder if v* is inevitable at some point. My family and friends think I'm over-analyzing this and they keep insisting that if I were going to v* it would have happened already. I guess I'm looking for advice from anyone who's gone through this type of illness and could shed some light on it for me. Am I doomed to get worse before I get better? And is it possible that I may not v* at all? What are your thoughts?

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    Sounds like you're a classic emet ; though our stomachs are our nemesis, they are strong AF ... most likely cos we're more prone to avoiding getting sick.. so congratulations on not v*, I had a bug like that in 2011, felt so unbelievably gross for a full week but just couldn't v* .. How are you now? Have mint to relieve any grim n*

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    I'm a little better, thanks. The n* has been on and off for days now. Still no v* though sometimes I worry that I'll never get better because it's been going on for so long. I just want to feel normal again. I haven't eaten much in over a week...

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    I really think it would have happened by now, and like cheesecake said, we emets are very skilled at NOT letting it happen. Do you have anything ginger? Excellent for nausea, cramps, etc. It's probably just working its way out of you...eat very bland, keep up your fluids, and just rest and take it slow. I think you'll be okay Take care!
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    This happened to me this summer. I felt ill for about 3-5 days (can't remember exactly...) I was feverish, had d* and n*, and anytime I tried to eat or drink anything I would almost immediately have d*. My friend had the same thing...to this day we still aren't sure if it was a bug or FP. Regardless, I think it is very possible to have a SV without v*. As mentioned us emets have pretty strong tummies and the will power to avoid v*...even if it would make you feel a million times better afterwards.

    But your family and friends are right. If you were going to v*, I believe it would have happened by now. I felt the same way when I had my mild bug this summer, I was terrified it would happen even though it had been days. I even survived a turbulent airplane ride with it LOL.

    Hope you are feeling better today! Be sure to get lots of fluids! Pedialite really helped me.

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    Default Re: I know I have it...

    Hopefully this resolved on its own. Your symptoms also mimic appendicitis in many ways--hoping it's nothing that severe!



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