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    Thumbs down indigestion & stress or something more?

    Hi, I知 a freshman in college and I have my first midterm tomorrow and ive felt increasingly nauseous with little to no appetite for the last few days. I知 also going homw tomorrow (as in leaving school for thw three day weekend and going back to my actual house) and although I知 very excited, I don稚 like travelling long distances on the road and I知 going to be taking the bus. Right now I feel shaky and panicky and I have a horrible burning sensation just below my ribcage and the back of my throat is dry. My stomach is also cramping but I feel relief for a few minutes after I have a BM, pass gas, or burp. Is this just anxiety and something I ate irritating my stomach or am I getting sick? Please respond asap :-(

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    Default Re: indigestion & stress or something more?

    First of all, I am very sorry you are going through this. I know how distressing it can be to be unsure of what is happening to your body. To me your symptoms honestly sound like nerves mixed with a little bit of gas. Trust me when I tell you this that when you are truly sick, you will just know. You won't even have to question it. I hope this helps to ease your mind even a little bit.



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