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    Default ease my mind please?

    Okay so I got hypnosis a few months back, and believe it or not folks, it HELPED. Until now....At about 4am I started having some cramping in my lower abdomen region. I had D* once this morning around 10am. I have eaten bland foods and sipped ginger ale and gatorade since then, but I am FREAKING out that you know what is going to happen. I went to the doctor today and he told me that I have some inflammation and to just rest and drink fluids. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: ease my mind please?

    I have not v* in 9 years, but i have had d* countless times just in the past year. I have gotten those stomach cramps as well, they're normal, and it's normal for them to only result in d*. I have never v* in these situations. Sometimes its a result of what i ate, when i ate, etc. i know you are anxious, i can relate. I suffer from emetophobia and have had many sleepless nights because of my anxiety and n*. But to ease your mind, know that d* certainly does not mean you will v*. Hope this helps



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