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    Default Indirect exposure (teacher friend)

    While on a work trip, I met a college friend for drinks/dinner. She teaches fourth grade, and she mentioned that three of her students went home with ďstomach bugsĒ this week (two girls on Thursday). She said none v* in her classroom, but Iím still wondering if itís possible to pick up any germs from her.

    She changed before we met (probably didnít wash her hands), we didnít share food or drinks, but we did hug and sit in each otherís chairs. She also took a photo using my phone.

    Anything that could be concerning?

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    Default Re: Indirect exposure (teacher friend)

    I think you don't need to worry! I've been in plenty similar situations and have never gotten sick that way. The students didn't vomit near her. And you said she changed so I wouldn't assume she didn't quickly freshen up with water. There are just way too many steps between her meeting you and the incident for it to be contagious to you I think. Sitting in eachothers chair is not going to make you sick and hugging isn't either. I honestly really really think you have nothing to worry about! And if it makes you feel safer you can clean your phone a bit with some wet tissues or something ! Take care having this phobia is hard these times of the year... I had an incident happening to me on the bus yesterday (a kid was v* in a bag and on the seat right behind me and I turned to look what was happening! Jumped out the next stop...)and I'm also really worried I caught a sv not gonna be relaxed until tomorrow evening or monday evening.



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