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    Default Cold that turned into ...

    Hi everyone. This is kind of a general question as to whether anyone else has experienced this and/or knows what it is that causes it. A few years ago I was at home with a bad cold. Just as I started to feel a little better from the cold I started feeling n* ... eventually this left to v* all night. It was awful, even more so because (this is graphic/gross) my nose was still blocked so v* got up there and I could smell it and couldn't get rid of the smell. The. Worst. We thought it might be meningitis/meningococcal so we went to the medical centre, but they said it wasn't luckily.

    Anyway ... I was wondering what the hell it was? Was it a whole bug, or was it that I caught a cold and then my immune system was low already so I caught a bug on top of that? And if so how ... because I was at home, and the only way I can imagine I caught it was from my mum, who didn't get sick. Anyone, any ideas? Any knowledge about this kind of thing? It sucks, because now I always get a little worried even when I have a cold, and just the anxiety about it makes me n*

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    Default Re: Cold that turned into ...

    Itís certainly possible to have 2 active viral infections at once. It sounds like that is what happened to you.

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    I agree! I also once Had a chest infection then BOOM, three days later I very much had to v* and it turned into 3 weeks of flu ! Just very unfortunate immunity I think :/



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