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    Exclamation IS THIS NORO?? Please help!! (TRIGGERING)

    Hey, guys.

    For the past few months I have been suffering from binge eating disorder, which began after a very serious trauma early this year. Apparently various eating disorders (I've been anorexic for more than 4 years) are common after chronic trauma (mine began in childhood - paternal abuse), but my bingeing had really come out of the blue. Several times I have consumed over 3000 calories in a single sitting, and for a 4'11", 80lb female this is no healthy snack! Often I was left feeling n*, sometimes with d*, and just generally crappy as hell.

    For the past week I'd been eating healthy again, really trying to eat normally and actually feeling great again! Then, I got triggered and ended up bingeing. I had pasta, oatmeal, and a smoothie in a single sitting, and then had mild d*. I fell asleep feeling extremely ill (n*), with a really bad headache and shaking like an earthquake. I actually felt worse than I can explain. I woke up and v*ed uncontrollably, then got d*, then fell asleep cuddling a hot water bottle. When I woke up, I felt reasonably OK, weak, but not really that bad, all told. Slight d*, but nothing else.

    Because of my old-timer's emet mind, though, I'm terrified it was noro. I haven't v*ed since I was a kid (best part of a decade ago!!) and the last time was, alas and alack...noro. I'm wondering if this is the same. I mean, I've binged TONS before but not v*ed, and this seemed like an absolutely shocking reaction for me. The worst thing was that, because I'm in the middle of relocating to NYC, I'm currently staying at my mom's house during the change of apartment leases. She came into the room when I was v*ing and stood right next to me! I've studied aerosols and particles and all that horrifying stuff...she's almost bound to have inhaled the particles, I guarantee you. What if she gets it???

    You guys, I'm great at sounding chill and calm when I write on forums. I'm almost lackadaisically relaxed, to an outsider. But, honest to goodness, that is not how I feel inside. I am absolutely terrified beyond all belief.

    Does this sound like noro? Even with the bingeing aside (imagine it never happened) is it likely I'd feel so much better so quickly? Most people report that they feel as if they've been 'hit by a truck' with noro, for at least a couple of days!

    Is my mom at risk? I'm terrified as the idea of her getting it just freaks me out to the max of the max.

    One good thing though - I'm absolutely certain I'll NEVER BINGE AGAIN, now. It's done it for me. I'm going to eat healthy like I used to in recovery, and let that be my modus operandi for the rest of my days.

    Thanks in advance, folks

    P.S. I know that a lot of you are lovely and concerned people who care a great deal about others, so I wanted to let you know that I am in therapy, and I'm not suffering with my traumas or eating disorders alone - don't worry!

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    Default Re: IS THIS NORO?? Please help!! (TRIGGERING)

    I think it may just be because you were overeating and stressing out your stomach. I'm no gastro genius, but a similar thing happened to me when I binge ate for the first time three years ago. I v* and felt extremely ill for the next few days. I also had occasional d* and felt n* almost once, sometimes even a couple times a day. Whilst this isn't contagious, I'd just be cautious of what you eat or drink for the mean time

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    Default Re: IS THIS NORO?? Please help!! (TRIGGERING)

    I think you just overate and it had to come out somewhere. I am so sorry for your trauma. Do you see a therapist? Do you have any coping mechanisms?



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