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    Default Just got a gym membership..now nervous

    Hi everyone!
    So recently I got a gym membership and I am due to go for my first training session on Friday, however I am a little worried about all the different handles and equipment I will have to interact with. My main concern is that someone who has been sick would have touched the equipment before I did, and that I will catch the sickness. Even though I would wash my hands, I'm also worried that if I check my phone or grab my bag during my workout that the illness will transfer to those items. Has anyone ever been sick by catching something at the gym? Is it common? Just a little worried about it :')

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    Default Re: Just got a gym membership..now nervous

    I always wipe my phone down with a Lysol wipe when I get home from the gym. And I keep my hands away from my face while there.

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    Default Re: Just got a gym membership..now nervous

    Most people take a few days to recover after having a stomach virus in general, especially from the gym. Regardless, so long as you aren't touching the equipment and putting your fingers in your mouth, you couldn't ingest it anyway. No different than when you're handling grocery cart handles, doorknobs, etc.
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    Default Re: Just got a gym membership..now nervous

    I am a personal trainer, I work in a gym and have never picked up a bug there.
    However, I wash my hands frequently, watch what I eat and I don't touch my face.

    Keep your hygiene up and you will be fine...enjoy your training



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