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    Default Airplane travel next week

    Hi all! I am new to this forum. I am getting nervous as I am days away from traveling during the peak of norovirus season on a plane for 6 hours. I have already prepped for my little survival kit (a scarf to wear over my mouth and nose, gloves, hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes for the seats, tray tables, seat belts and arm rest) didnt know if anyone had any other tips to ease my nerves a d to protect my self?

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    Default Re: Airplane travel next week

    Hi, I fly to FL from CT about 4 times a year and yes, you sound like you've got all the bases covered. I ALWAYS wipe down everything as soon as I get seated. I haven't worn a mask or anything but almost did last year. Also, I would say to bring your own snacks and don't touch any food. I don't drink anything using the water on the plane either. Stick with juice in a can, etc. And bring something to do, like a book or magazine to keep busy. You should be fine...hope you're traveling somewhere nice and warm. Good luck!
    "In nothing be anxious....." Phil. 4:6

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    Planning a trip is perhaps the most enjoyable thing that can happen. And the most pleasant difficulty is choosing a direction to travel. I found some recommendations on this topic in the Depositphotos blog and am already planning a winter vacation, although I am torn between the desire to ski and bask in the hot sun in an exotic country.



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