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    Default Am I getting sick?

    If anyone seeing this has kept up with my last post, I mentioned how I had to pick up, unload and stock DVDs from a box in a dollar general warehouse. This warehouse was said to have had a rat in it recently.

    Well I know that rats at least CAN, if not always, carry salmonella and I heard from quite a few people & websites that you can get infected from it going through an open wound. One source said if itís through a cut, then youíll definitely throw up, so Iím terrified at this.

    I have an open wound in my cuticle (its somewhat closing up now.) and I remember several times throughout the unloading and stocking, Iíve touched the wound by accident and there was no way Iíd be able to wash it as I was on the road and the bathrooms were out of order so I feel if an infection is possible, itís more than likely taking place as we speak.

    That was yesterday around 1 or 2 PM I believe so in about 3 minutes, itíll be 34 hours since this happened. So far Iím not vomiting or having diarrhea, however, I donít recall ever making a BM yesterday & I barely ate today, only pizza in the afternoon & zuccini bread minutes ago. While I was really hungry around 10, I drank a coke because I thought it might help but it didnít.

    Around 11, I got this bad pain in my pelvis and I had to make a BM. It was soft but not watery and Iím still kind of hungry. No nausea or stabbing pains. But could that have been the beginning of salmonella? Could it have just been a reaction to drinking coke? I mean I drink soda a lot & usually donít get issues unless I drank it early in the morning. But what does it sound like?

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    Default Re: Am I getting sick?

    Sounds like normal bowel movement to me. Pains could be from needing to go. Gas pains even. I really think you are fine.



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