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    Question To Antibiotics Work for Noro?

    Hey everyone! SO my friend got norovirus the other day and cam to school 12 hours after healing. She said the doctor gave her antibiotics for it and so she's not contagious, but last time I checked norovirus doesn't work with antibiotics. So, is she still contagious, and could I get sick since she was around me all day and kept trying to hug me...?

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    Hi, yes, antibiotics don't work for viruses. Now, maybe she had some other infection...or she is not telling you the truth? I think you will be okay if you kept your hands clean, didn't eat food with your hands, etc. Hugging won't transmit it.
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    Yes, I get the feeling that she was lying to me, which I'm not very happy right now. But I made sure to wash my hands before eating today and handling things so I should be good...

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    There is no doctor that would prescribe antibiotics for noro. So she is lying to you for some reason. Not knowing the situation, itís hard to speculate as to why.

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    Noro is viral not bacterial They would not prescribe antibiotics unless the believed the type of gastroenteritis she had was bacterial. And even then, they would probably let it run itís course unless severe as GI upset is one of the main side effects of many antibiotics. Your digestive system is already shedding good bacteria in the d and v, killing even more of the digestive biome probably wouldnít be the best idea.



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