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    Default nightmare is becoming real

    My dad had the norovirus (I assume that's what it was) 3 days ago, v* and everything, and now I'm feeling queasy. I'm actually alone right now which makes it even scarier. V* alone is my biggest fear. I'm not that queasy (yet), and if so, I wouldn't be able to contain myself enough to type this. I just need to talk to someone here who understands, sorry for being needy. I only have one other friend with this fear and I feel so alone.

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    Default Re: nightmare is becoming real

    Hey, I hope you're feeling better and it hasn't progressed! If it has been on your mind, the likelihood is, it would just be anxiety that's making you feel nauseous. I don't know anyone personally who has this fear other than on here and it's difficult to explain to other people who don't understand the fear, so I totally get where you're coming from! Don't feel you're being needy, everyone needs reassurance at some point! How are you feeling now?

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    Default Re: nightmare is becoming real

    I agree with it most likely being anxiety. How much were you around your dad? Its been 3 days I would put you in the safe zone.

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    Default Re: nightmare is becoming real

    I still feel rather terrible, but thanks for the kind messages. I do think I may have the bug but I managed not to v* and I think I probably won't as I'm keeping food down at this point. I do think anxiety is adding to it however, I've been having acid reflux? I get acid reflux when I'm anxious, and have never heard of it being a symptom of the norovirus...

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    Default Re: nightmare is becoming real

    Good luck to you. Hope you are better, how are you now?



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