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    I sent one of my preschoolers home today with a fever, and she was also crying and saying her tummy hurt. Obviously I jump to the worst conclusion. She didnít V or have any D while she was with us. Earlier in the morning when she first mentioned her tummy hurting, she did a BM, which I had to help her clean herself (TMI I know). It was a normal BM.

    Im just concerned she was already contagious through that BM even though it was normal, because she was complaining about stomach pain. Of course I washed my hands as soon as I finished helping her but Iím still so nervous I infected myself somehow. I know stomach flu is contagious from the moment you start feeling ill, which she was complaining about.

    I realize it sounds ridiculous but that little voice in my head is absolutely freaking me out. Any insight on contagion is appreciated!

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    I'm sure you'll be just fine, people aren't contagious until they produce symptoms, and so with a normal BM I am sure there is no risk



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