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Thread: Should I worry?

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    Default Should I worry?

    So just before as I was sitting on my laptop I accidentally touched my temple without having washed my hands prior, so i quickly ran into the bathroom and washed my hands with soap and water for 30 seconds first, and then did the same whilst rubbing my temple. However, as I was washing off the soap with water on my temple, a tiny bit of the water rolled down to the corner of my eye, and I could feel it as well. I know I don't even know if my hands were contaminated prior, but if they were to have been infected, am I at risk at all? Please help...thank you <3
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    No way! As far as I know at the moment you haven't been exposed to an illness. You're body is a lot more stronger then what you may think. Even if there could of been something, you're going to be fine. A Tiny amount of exposure is nothing your white blood cells can handle. In fact, if you were infected somehow (Although very unlikely) Your white blood cells would of produced antibodies against it. Meaning, if you were to be confronted with the illness again (This time in a more severe way) your body would be able to fight it off more easily from all the antibodies it's produced. Not saying you were infected. That's extremely unlikely. Just trying to help the emetophobic side a little. Quit worrying a little bit of germs never hurt.



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