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    Default It's over, yet still worried.

    Hey, so I ended up catching this lovely virus and V* lots. Yay.
    My sister did v* about a week and a half prior to me. Therefore I'm not sure if it was the same virus, as being the scaredy cat I am, avoided it and washed my hands as much as possible.
    Either way I'm over it, and have been over it (excluding the occasional pain that usually comes with anxiety) since Wednesday. It now being Saturday.
    No one else in the family has come down with it. So instead I'm worried I'll reinfect myself. I didn't v* on anything and washed my hands when I was done. However I haven't washed my bed sheets or jacket since I've been so busy trying to catch back up in school.
    Anyway my question now is; chance of me reinfecting myself?

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    Default Re: It's over, yet still worried.

    I've been sick a few times and haven't washed some of the clothes I wore that weren't necessarily dirty. You'd be fairly unlucky to re-infect yourself because your immune system has fought the virus off. It's great that you survived, good job!


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    Default Re: It's over, yet still worried.

    You won’t reinfect yourself. Even if another family member did get sick with the same bug you are very, very unlikely to catch it again. Your bedsheets and jacket are fine. 😊



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