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Thread: The flu

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    Exclamation The flu

    As of now I don't know if I have the flu and it could very well be just dehydration or a cold because my throat is a bit sore and I have a small headache with nothing more.
    But it is flu season and my boyfriend's mother has the flu. My question is, is it possible that if I have the flu I will v*? I'm absolutely terrified of this and it's the only thing I can think about. Plenty of websites say it's more common in children and I'm 17 but there's always a possibility and I'm scared.
    Even if this isn't the flu, my boyfriend could pass it to me from his mother and I can't just avoid seeing him forever.
    I don't know what to do and how to stop worrying about this. I'll gladly take the flu if I know I won't v* but I don't know that for sure.

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    Typically with a flu, onset of symptoms are more than a sore throat and headache. For me, my usual first symptom is a sore throat along with body aches, a headache, and typically a low grade fever that soon elevates. So you might not be catching the flu. I have never v* from the flu, and most people don't, unless you have a history of v* with very high fevers or anything like that.

    No matter what you might have, stay as hydrated as possible. Lots of fluids!!

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    Hello, usually with a flu the symptoms are body aches, headache, high fever with possible cough, cold or sore throat. Instead if you had a stomach virus the first symptom is the v*. That's not the rule but normally it works like this. In any case my advice is to eat light and stay hydrated. Just stay in bed and rest, keep warm and you'll see that you're gonna be fine!



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