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    Default Is there another one going around?

    I’ve heard 3-4 different sick stories this week.

    - My father was sick with d* v* on Monday night (although he believes it was from food, he still has d* today)

    - a co-worker said he had a “nasty” illness on Sun night (he stayed home Mon, came back Tues, his voice is shot from v*ing). Doesn’t sound like his wife caught it, though.

    - I had two Facebook friends posting about how sick they were. One visited family and had to change her flight home, the other is pregnant and thinks she got it from her toddler.

    Is there a lot of illness going around, or am I just unlucky to hear this many stories in one week? I’m in the USA.

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    Default Re: Is there another one going around?

    I’ve not heard of any type of outbreak nor do I know anyone who currently has the sv. However, it is usually still making the rounds until May so it’s not unusual for you to still be hearing about people who have it.

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    Default Re: Is there another one going around?

    I haven’t heard of anything for 2+ weeks now, but that doesn’t really mean anything.



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