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    Default Help, i can't take this anymore, i need help quickly

    i can't stop thinking about those bad times when i had Helicobacter, those times when i was feeling really depressed and scared of throwing up, i can remember the first time when emethophobia started, it was 2012, when i ate pepian (a traditional food in my country), then my brothers, mother and me went to the playground but i was feeling a stomach ache, laterly, at the night, i was watching the simpsons and i threw up 3 or 2 times, that was really traumatic for me and i don't know how, then, in 2013, the doctor said than i had Helicobacter, those times was really hard, everytime feeling bad, stomach aches like going to throw up, i suffered 2 or 3 years with that, everyday feeling the same, i tried to find help but nothing, until 2015 or 2014, then i started to don't think about it, i started to feel not so well but i tried (sometimes feeling stomach aches and feeling like i was going to vomit) for 4 or 3 years, but this year, 2 weeks ago, i threw up again and 4 times the same day, now i feel like those days when i had helicobacter, i can't stop thinking about those bad memories and they are a lot, like, a day when i went to buy hamburgers with my dad at night and i was feeling really bad, those days when i used to be really afraid and have a lot of nauseas, now i remember those bad memories, i am stuck with that and these days i was feeling not so well, i was not eating for fear, i was feeling a lot of nauseas, everything increased, now i am crying please, i was investigating these 2 weeks about my problem and how to solve it but nothing, i think that made me feel worse, i am trying to find help but in my country that doesn't work, we don't have a lot of money for find help and pay it, please, i can't take this anymore, i love my mother, she always helped me with this but this doesn't work anymore, i should need to kill myself, this is terrible, please help me guys, i am from Guatemala and i just have 14 years old, help

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    Hi Adam.. gosh, I think you're the youngest person I've seen on here, and I'm really sorry you're feeling so scared and horrible. It sounds like you are thinking SO much about your fears which is what I do too. On Christmas I felt so so sick and since then, I am so scared when I feel a stomach ache. But what you must do is try your hardest to calm down, a lot of the time you WONT be sick. Yesterday after I ate some rice I felt a huge sick feeling but I knew being scared would make me worse so I breathed in and out for ten minutes and though I wasn't fully better, it really helped. Then I carried on with my day. Sometimes anxiety can make you worse ... But I just googled helicobacter and it sounds like hell... Is it a long term thing? Have you been to the doctor? If you are ever worrying badly, I am on the chat sometimes on weekends. I hope you're ok. Also try your hardest to watch your favourite tv show and hang with friends

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    Default Re: Help, i can't take this anymore, i need help quickly

    Hello, for your answers, yes, it is a long term thing, yes i been to the doctor but i don't know why i am feeling the same, i really appreciate your time, thank you

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    Default Re: Help, i can't take this anymore, i need help quickly

    Hi Adam, Welcome...yes, this fear can really be debilitating. And I'm like you. I think sooo much and worry so much about how I'm feeling that it makes me feel worse. And I am also plagued by some bad memories. But the best thing to do when you start thinking of those memories is to just tell yourself that it is all in the PAST and doesn't mean anything for your future. Also, replace those thoughts with some really pleasant and happy thoughts. It takes a lot of work but it will help you. I believe that your mind can trick you and make you feel nauseous, or think something is wrong when really it's anxiety. Also, maybe you could talk to your parents about seeing a doctor (psychiatrist) who can give you come medication. That can really help too. Take care of yourself and hang in there. You have so much in your life to look forward to!!
    "In nothing be anxious....." Phil. 4:6

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    Default Re: Help, i can't take this anymore, i need help quickly

    Hi Adam...I understand your fear. First off..just breathe. Take some deep breaths. What helps me is to redirect my thoughts. My therapist taught me to use the alphabet. Starts at the beginning and think of boy names. Then start and think of girl names. Keep doing it until you are calm. Your brain cannot focus on two things at once. It will help you to relax. Also, remember this...the anxiety you fear it ...a false alarm combined with an over attentiveness to internal bodily functions. In other words you are feeling because you are focusing too much.

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    Default Re: Help, i can't take this anymore, i need help quickly

    Hi Adam,

    Please know that you are not alone. I see that you are from Guatemala. I am from the US but speak decent spanish. If you ever want someone to talk to I can help out. Did the doctor treat your helicobacter back when you first had it? If you can somehow see a doctor for your pains now he might be able to help. If you cannot see a doctor now, I recommend herbal teas for your pain: peppermint, ginger, and chamomile, basil, and licorice tea have all been shown to settle an upset stomach. I hope you feel better soon.



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