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    Default unplanned pregnancy/possible abortion

    I have a family. A baby boy, 15 months, and a sd going off to college this summer. Emet is controlling my life and, somedays, I just want to die. Not really... but I just want it to end. The emet, the anxiety, the constant fear...

    I just found out that im pregnant again. Im an idiot. I used our method of tracking my cycle and I guess I ovulated late last month. Im contemplating abortion. Am I aborting because of this horrible phobia? Am I aborting because financially we cant afford another? 9 months of fear of ms. 9 months of uncomfortable plus a toddler who wont understand. He would love a sibling. He will also be fine without one. I was. Yall, I need help. Have any of you gotten an abortion. I also have a strong faith so I know this pregnancy is Godís will. This is tearing me up inside.

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    Default Re: unplanned pregnancy/possible abortion

    Hi TorturedSoul. First of all you're not an idiot! These things happen and you have a good attitude already. You need to give yourself a lot of time to think stuff through - it's your decision....
    What I'd say though is that being a mother already is in your favour. You've done this before and though I know NOTHING about motherhood, to me it seems like you've been there before in terms of pregnancy etc so maybe that can be a 'pro' as opposed to the 'cons'.
    But if you're like me, and quite literally can't handle one spec of n* .. maybe you will need to consider strong methods of relief/hypnotherapy.. my mum is very concerned as I'm hitting 25 this year and am frequently having mild panic attacks when my stomach is off. I have no partner thankfully but she keeps telling me to "snap out of this cos it'll stop you from having kids" (she is very eager to be a gran, it terrifies me thinking of what pressure I'll have in the future). But anyway, I suppose another good thing is that ms is only temporary... You'll get through it... Even if it's methodically. Don't let anyone tell you you're wrong for considering abortion either.



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