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    Default "Normal" responses?

    I was at IKEA today having a great time with my mum when I had a VERY intense urge to go to the bathroom. Amazingly, my brain seemed to reassure me that this was probably due to eating too much/having strong coffee(I LOVE the coffee at that place) and so as I was walking through the showrooms(for those who have been to IKEA, the entire place is a maze haha but 10x worse when you need to RUN) I started panicking, sweating etc as I honestly felt it was gonna happen(bm... not v*) and I began getting highly highly anxious and the people I walked past seemed concerned and as I finally got to the ladies I began thinking to myself - is this how normal people react? I looked at the hundreds of people and thought "why do I alllllllways feel so so panicked when I feel sick or need to go to the bathroom?" .. I felt so ssoooo much better after I went but I kept replaying the incident.... I also spoke to a friend of mine last week (he lives in a different city now so whilst we were catching up he sent me a WhatsApp video) whilst he was hungover and he was at work (barber) and said "heyyy...sorry for late reply..I was partying all night and now feel utterly crap..headache aaaaand hahaha feel like I'm gonna be sick and all that" ... I watched the vid a few times and was amazed at how calm and normal he was acting alongside his colleagues..so whats normal? genuinely, when I feel like Im gonna v* Im a mixture of nervous breakdown/hyperventilation/shook/tortured and generally out of it....
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    Your response is how I would respond , my boyfriend on the other hand if he feels sick he goes to the bathroom and MAKES himself v .. like why canít I be fearless like that

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    That's happened to me before! Whenever I'm not at home, or where I have access to a private bathroom, I get extremely nervous and sweaty and uncomfortable. Even if I don't have to go that bad, and will be home soon enough for me to just go, I panic. One time I was driving home from school and had to go, and even though I was less than 15 mins away, I started to have a panic attack behind the wheel. I was fine though! I guess my body just overreacts to that kind of stuff



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