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    Hey so my boyfriend is not feeling well. He had the runs on Thursday night pretty bad but has been just tired, no appetite and had the chills. Today he came home from work with a fever of 101 and has been laying in bed. He promised me he didnít feel sick to his stomach and wanted some hummus and pretzels and water so we layed in bed for about four hours and I have him some medicine. I asked how he was feeling and he said just cold and like he has some gas. So I was a little triggered. Still had a fever and now has gas. I told him to go to the doctor since itís been 3 days and he got upset and told me no. I went for a walk to calm down my anxiety and I texted him. He told me he took a cool shower and feels better. He also told me he made himself v* a little and it was just water, he said it helped his bloating. He said he doesnít feel n* now does he have d* anymore. Now obviously Iím sitting outside in the cold trying my best to stay calm and not call an ambulance on him. He promises heís okay. I mean, it sounds like he just was a little too hot and drank too much water but I have no idea? Any help? Should I go inside? Ugh!!

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    That's not good, I suspect it was something he ate, maybe, but I think he should at least speak to a doctor



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