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    Default Long car ride + emet

    I have a bit of a problem. My boyfriend is spending Thanksgiving in NJ and his family was kind enough to invite me along and I really want to go. But we live in MA and it's a 6-7 hour car ride. I have really really bad emet and I'm terrified of long car rides, especially when I'm not driving. I don't get car sick, I just get so anxious and panicky in the car that I start feeling sick. I never have this issue when I'm in the car with my family, but as soon as I'm with anyone else, I can't calm down. I love traveling which is really weird. I love flying in planes, going on trains and being on boats but as soon as I get in a car it's all downhill. About 4-5 years ago, my brother and I both v****** on Thanksgiving and since then it's been a tough holiday to get through. His family doesn't know about my emet, they just know that I hate long car rides. I'm so embarrassed of myself and I wish this didn't hold me back. Anyone that can relate or has any advice please feel free to reach out.

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    I can relate to fear with road trips. Iím in feeling extra anxious, even though I may not need it, I take Dramamine before I depart (or another motion sickness medicine) to feel protected. The chances that you see v at a rest stop, another car, or at the side of the road are actually very slim. Iíve seen it once at a rest stop out of going to about 50 in my life, and never anywhere else. Iíd suggest not driving the whole time (take turns) and have something that is engaging but wonít cause you to feel n (ex. music) to keep your mind off being anxious. If somebody says they donít feel well, always go to the nearest rest stop to regroup. Hopefully this advice helps you in the future, I wish I gave it last week.



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