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    Exclamation Angry and scared (sick husband)

    I got home from work today and my husband told me he's not feeling well. He said he's had a lot of d* since just after lunch. No v* and no n*, and when I asked him if he felt like he was going to get sick, he said, "I hope not, but...."

    I'm really angry that 1) he didn't tell me right away (he waited until I got home, made myself a small snack, and sat down), and 2) that he definitely picked it up from his family (he spent time with them this weekend, and his sister was sick). I asked him before he left to be careful, and I'm sure he wasn't.

    If he's only had d* for 4-5 hours but no v*, is it likely that he won't v*? Also, could I pick it up from our cats if he's snuggled with them, then they rub up against me while I sleep?

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    Default Re: Angry and scared (sick husband)

    Might have SV with just d*. Keep clean and bleach , sleep In different rooms just for safety .



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