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Thread: PSAT vs. SAT

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    Okay, so this is for all of you who have taken both of them, or one of them, before, or just know a lot about them.

    I got my PSAT results back, and I think they were actually very good! I scored a 74 on the Writing Skills section, and that was the 99th Percentile of U.S. college-bound juniors. [img]smileys/smilies_01.gif[/img]. Then I got a 52 (65 percentile) on the Critical Reading, and a 54 (66 percentile) on Math. The only reason I"m telling you this, is because I was a. wondering if that was a good score or not, and b. wondering how the PSAT translated into SAT in difficulty, and if a good score in the PSAT generally means a good score on the SAT. Of course, there were no essays on the PSAT and there are on the SAT, but i'm still kind of confused/worried.

    I would appreciate any insight or advice!

    <3 Anya--
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    hi there! I have taken both and i feel like the sat isn't nesesarily
    harder...it was just longer. It took about 4 1/2 hours.....rar....
    I'm not quite sure about your scores but i just went by the percentiles.
    When you get your scores back from the real sat they are much easier
    to decipher! Sounds like you did pretty well on it though! And i don't
    know any statistics but i feel like people do generally the same or a
    little better on the real one. All the people i knew took prep classes and
    bought books and did alot of preperation that they didn't do before the
    psat so that might factor in....Although i did about the same as i did on
    the psat....oh! and one more thing, generally when people take the real
    one a second time they do better on it so that is definatly an option
    seeing as you can take it as many times as you want! I hope I have
    helped a bit!

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    Wow, its been a while since I took those. I remember taking the SAT and ACT, but I never took any pretests or the PSAT. I am sure that you will do excellent. Just the fact that you are taking the pretests shows that you are ahead of the game. Do you know where you want to go to college? I remember that I was anxious to leave home and I moved 750 miles away. It was the BEST decision that I ever made and I had so much fun in college. Good Luck with everything, I know that it is a hard decision to make.
    We have got to be able to laugh at ourselves about this!!

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    Honey if I could help you I would...I can't even remember taking those tests...I know I did, but I just can't remember anything about them.

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    Default Re: PSAT vs. SAT

    I am not very fond of the day the result comes. Anyways, I would like to suggest to you that, you go for online studies because then you will be able to study whenever you have extra time and from wherever you are. I also got a very good score with the help of online LSAT Prep Courses.



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