Every time I want to spend an evening alone my boyfriend has a complete fit and passive aggressively makes me feel like shit and like I am a selfish horrible person and he tells me heís having a bad day and feeling lonely and depressed. I have always been very independent and I have always needed alone time in relationships. Itís very frustrating because he tells me I must not care about him as much as he cares about me since I want time alone.

A lot of times I just see him anyway if I need a day alone to avoid a massive stressful fight. Iím sick of it. I just want time to sit and veg by myself. I care about him but I feel like as crazy as I am with my phobia and everything, his behavior is also unhealthy. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Iíve tried to reason with him about it and he gets mad when Iím not ďhonestĒ about needing time alone... yet he throws a freaking fit when I am.

What do you all think?