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Thread: GERD Symptoms?

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    Default GERD Symptoms?

    For a the past two days now I have had some odd symptoms and not sure if it is associated with GERD/Acid Reflux? I get really lightheaded and dizzy followed by nausea and heartburn. I also do have bad anxiety and not sure if that is playing a part in it as well? I keep feeling as though I am going to pass out and be sick and it is really freaking me out? Do you think it is being caused by gerd/acid reflux, anxiety, or could it be that I am getting sick? Please let me know. I can't stop freaking out.

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    Default Re: GERD Symptoms?

    It sounds more like panic than anything else, but also could be caused by what you eat, are you getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins?

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    Default Re: GERD Symptoms?

    Since you said it's preceded by lightheadedness, it could be something to do with low blood sugar levels. Try eating something sweet, or use a sweet candy to nibble to see if you feel better. If not, it could possibly just be a panic attack. Anxiety and panic in general can give you loads of symptoms including heartburn.



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