Hi, it's me again!

So I wrote a post earlier today about travelling and I said I would write about what's changed since I came off the site. I tried to find my old post to see what exactly I wrote but I can't find it. But I know I wrote another post about 'Has anyone fully recovered?'

Anyway since I was last on the site (a year and a half ago I think) I wrote about how I was struggling to go out in public for fear of being ill, I was struggling with my eating and I found it difficult to sit in class at school or do my exams because, again, I was scared of being ill. Well now I am able to go out in public (no fear at all), my eating is better, I can eat spicy food, strong flavoured food (there are some foods I am still worried about and I'm still underweight but things have greatly improved!), I can go to university with no problem (at the time that was my biggest goal and something I was really worried I wouldn't achieve) but I did it! I am in my second year and I've lived away in student accommodation all that time! I can also travel on buses, trains and cars (like 40 mins to an hour and yes sometimes I do get a little nervous but most of the time I'm completely relaxed!) When I was under treatment I was actually s***and of course, I didn't like it, but I was surprised at how I was able to cope. I wasn't pacing back and forth like I might have done in the past.

It is very much possible to achieve your goals. With the right treatment, anything is possible. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to fight extremely hard to get the treatment we need, especially in the UK with the NHS and veeeeeery long waiting lists, which when you're not well, is not helpful. But it can be done, don't let them turn you away, write letters to get the treatment you need and deserve. I think I will write a further post about what treatments I have had in the past and why the final treatment worked so that you guys might be able to know what to ask for. Anyway keep up the good work everyone and don't give up! We will achieve everything we want to achieve, just with a tiny gremlin on our shoulder!